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Are you ready to make this holiday season special? Decorating Christmas cookies for your family and friends is a great way to make magical holiday memories.

The 25 Days of Christmas Cookies eBook will show you how to make 28 holiday cookies with step-by-step tutorials.

Get ready to have yourself a merry little Christmas and share your beautiful cookies with everyone you love!  

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The 25 Days of Christmas Cookies eBook might be the best Christmas gift you buy yourself this year! Everything you need to start decorating adorable (and tasty!) Christmas cookies are all right here. - Lorie

Lisa as been one of my inspirations to wanting to take my passions for baking and making it a reality. I recommend her book to anyone and can't wait to post pictures of my creations once I'm done! - Sange

25 Days of Christmas Cookies eBook!

In this Christmas Cookie eBook you'll find:  

  • Twenty-eight cookie designs with step-by-step tutorials
  • Colored photos with each step
  • How to be creative with your cookie cutters. Can you guess what cutter was used to make the elf cookies? Buy the book and you'll know!
  • You'll also get royal icing transfer templates, links to my recipes, and some of my favorite tips and tricks.

Did you know that a Gingerbread man is a PERFECT MAN!

Have you ever seen a gingerbread man cookie you didn't love? I'm sure your friends and family will love him as much as you do!

Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas!

Be a happy camper and bake Christmas Cookies! It's a great way to make holiday memories!

Can you guess what cookie cutter was used to make this Rudolph cookie?

Rudolph "nose" you want to make Christmas Cookies this season!

I love Lisa's recipes - the sugar cookie recipe is the only one I will use now. I cannot wait to dig in deeper and try all the cookies she shares in her 25 Days of Christmas Cookies! - Jamye

This book is amazing!!! The recipes and decorating instructions are clear, very easy to follow, and accompanied by color pictures for every step. - Patricia

Lisa Snyder was born and raised in East Tennessee, where she spent her childhood baking in her grandmother's kitchen. Her speciality is custom designed cookies. She uses her blog to share her best recipes, tips, and tricks.  

Lisa lives in the mountains of East Tennessee, where she spends most of her time dreaming up amazing ideas for baked treats and then creating them with delicious results.